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Officially, The Magic Oak Tree Family (MOTF) began in September 1968, when Pete Perry moved into 39 The Oundle, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK. He was working as a gardener on Stevenage Development Corporation at the time, and one of his young friends, Philip Undrell, offered to help him move in. Philip brought his friends Roger Moores and Alan 'George' Nash along, and they became great friends, despite the fact that Pete was a 31-year-old hippy, and the lads were teenagers. Because of this, they took to calling him 'Uncle Pete'.

Pete also had two daughters, Vivien aged Five years, and Deborah, aged 2 years. Pete had been left to bring up his daughters when his wife Dorothy died at their home in Blackpool, Lancs, in June 1967.Pete used to make up stories of Uncle Pete, who was visited by fairy folk, who lived inside a Magic Oak Tree at the bottom of his garden. As they saw Pete's young friends as aunts and uncles, Pete gave his young friends fairy-like names such as Pixie Phil, Dodger Gnome, Fairy Faye, etc.

Because Pete was older than his pals, he became known throughout the town as a Hippy Guru, and many young people came to his house, seeking advice, so that the group of friends kept on growing, calling themselves 'The Magic Oak Tree gang'. One day, however, one of the girls commented that they were more like a family than a gang, and so they adopted the name The Magic Oak Tree Family, or MOTF for short.

Since then, The MOTF has continued to grow, and has become International, due the the advent of The Internet.

At The Oundle, Pete drew a wall Mural of his philosophy regarding Social Justice and The Environment, love and peace, which members of The MOTF filled in with paint. One such  painting featured a Girl with Green Hair crying, as scissors cut away at her hair. This, Pete exsplained to his young friends, represented the way mankind was destroying nature, by chopping down trees, and destroying wildlife. 'The Wall of Sussitation' as it became known can be seen in the Photo Album of this website.